June 17, 2004

What's that I smell?

Ah yes, the latest steaming pile from the New York Times, cleverly hidden in a column by Juan Williams. Excerpt:

But in a close race, the key to re-election rests on the president's ability to increase his percentage of the black vote. Here, he has the chance to make tremendous gains — if only because he now has practically no support among black voters. A May Washington Post/ABC News poll showed the likely Democratic nominee, Senator John Kerry, with a 79 percent to 6 percent lead over Mr. Bush among black voters. If the president gets only 6 percent of the black vote this year he will have achieved the near impossible task of getting a lower percentage of black votes than he did in 2000, when he won 8 percent.

But the president has the opportunity to flip the script. With a direct appeal, President Bush could win at least 20 percent of the black vote — and the White House.

My point is not that President Bush is polling horribly among blacks. Hey, he personally drove the car that dragged William Byrd to his death, right? At least, that's the impression you're likely to get listening to the Democrats. What I'm saying is that the prize of the black vote mentioned in this article is fool's gold. If President Bush's people buy into this nonsense, Senator Kerry will be sworn in as the next president. I can almost guarantee that Bush will receive less than 10% of the black vote this fall. After all, the Democrats will play up the church burning/black lynching/white sheet wearing "aspect" of the Republican Party(sorry Senator Byrd) as election day nears. Predictably, the blacks in this country will vote overwhelmingly for Waffles. I will add one caveat: if the Republicans start receiving 20% of the black vote in general elections, the Democrats can kiss the White House goodbye for a generation or more.

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