June 15, 2004

When you can snatch the YEAEARRGGHH from my hand, you will be ready Grasshopper

Just saw interesting poll results over at Zogby wherein the Bush-Cheney ticket is matched up against Kerry-Dean and Kerry-Gephardt. Excerpt:

In an interactive presidential poll of 7,741 likely voters in key battleground states conducted by Zogby Interactive, a John Kerry-Howard Dean ticket receives 47% of support as compared to the George Bush-Dick Cheney ticket with 48%. Independent Ralph Nader receives 1%. The interactive poll was taken Tuesday, June 1 through Sunday, June 6. Overall results have a margin of sampling error that ranges between +/- 2.1- 4.5 percentage points.

In a nationwide telephone poll conducted during the same period that tested the pairing of John Kerry with two vice president candidates, Howard Dean and Richard Gephardt, Bush-Cheney holds a narrow lead over both Kerry tickets. In either race, Bush-Cheney leads by two percentage points, 45% to 43%. Ralph Nader garners 3% support with 8% unsure in a Kerry-Dean pairing, and Nader receives 4% of the vote with 7% unsure when Kerry is paired with Gephardt.

So the vice-presidential candidate might have an effect this election cycle. Who will John Effing Kerry pick?

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Limbaugh said that organized labor already picked Gephardt for him.

Place your bets.

Posted by: Harvey at June 16, 2004 08:59 PM

Actually, I don't mind Gephardt so much. But imagine you're a Dem supporter and you have to say this in defense of Kerry's personality:

"Well, he's no Dick Gephardt but..."

The jokes write themselves.

Posted by: physics geek at June 16, 2004 09:02 PM