June 07, 2004

Potty training

Okay, when did this myth begin that you cannot toilet train children before they're 2-1/2/3 years old? A good friend of mine trained her child around the age of 14 months; my mother says that I was trained around 15 months. Okay, one size doesn't fit all for children. However, this rigid mindset seemed to originate around the early 1980's and I can't find any good reason for it. Somewhere around 15 months, most children are probably ready to get started. Things that have to exist before you begin, though:

1) I believe that the child must be able to walk.
2) He/she should have a decent awareness of his/her bodily functions. My son son started bringing me the diaper changing pad when he had a stinky a couple of months ago.
3) Parents must exhibit patience. Remember, you're dealing with a baby; don't be one yourself.

I know several people with 4+ age children that still wear diapers. One will stand in the middle of the room and say, "I'm peeing!" You think that's cute? Not me. If your child isn't potty trained by age four then-barring physical problems- you need to work on your will as a parent. Yes, that's right: you're the freaking parent. Remember that.

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