May 12, 2004

Kill. Them. All.

I know that some of you will chastise me for this rather un-Christian sentiment. Frankly, I don't care. Whatever spiritual failings I suffer from will be presented to me on Judgment Day. Somehow, though, I don't think that God's going to hold this one against me too much.

What's got me in such a fury? Well, I've just finished watching the Nick Berg video. Some boils on the ass of humanity just sawed off the head of a US citizen and then danced around with it happily. My first thought was that there should be a sheet of radioactive glass where that area used to be. Also, every subsequent response. I'm sure that the mass media fuckwits are ignoring it because they're trying to avoid offending the delicate sensibilities of Americans everywhere. Yeah, sure they are. Those asstards didn't seem to mind too much showing us US atrocities which, by the way, aren't even in the same dimension, let alone league, as what those 7th century goons did. I guess when something just doesn't fit into your political agenda, it's not worth the effort. And that makes me ashamed as an American. The fact that some -not all- of those left of center believe that their ideology trumps even simple human decency makes them beneath contempt. Thanks guys. You just emboldened our enemy. Fat Teddy, I'm talking to you and others like you. Smoke on the Water has a much more eloquent post. Don't forget to check out the Emperor who's uncharacteristically short on words in his post, probably because words can't possibly convey the anger that he feels.

Udpate: Annika weighs in. Excerpt:

What does it take to slice off the head of another live, conscious human being? An innocent human being. With a knife. What is involved in that procedure? Could you do it? Do you think Private England would be capable of such a thing? Or Specialist Graner? Or General Karpinski even?

i bet even Scott Peterson couldn't do it. Not while the victim was still alive. Not with a knife.

Cutting through a fellow human's neck while they're still alive, with a knife, means slicing down through skin, severing arteries and veins, loosing a torrent of pulsing blood, sawing back and forth through thick muscle and tendon, crunching through the hollow, wheezing, screaming windpipe, hitting bone and disk, sawing again, pushing down, hearing it crunch, pop, putting your weight into it, slicing through the spinal cord, watching the body go limp, gripping the handle tight in all the slippery blood, sliding the blade through the last cords of muscle and tendon, blade striking the floor, watching the head roll forward, now just an inanimate object, though its eyes are open, then raising it, still warm, up to the camera.

Could you do that? Can you imagine the mind of someone who could? i simply can't fathom that kind of evil.

Neither can I.

Update: The Donovan puts it succinctly- Wahabism Delenda Est.

Update: Neal Boortz has more. Excerpt:

This vicious murder of an American civilian should serve to reignite the American resolve to destroy, not to appease, but to destroy the Islamic Jihadists. Now you should know that playing nice won't work. While we try to bring to justice the people responsible for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, the Islamic fanatics cut the head off of an innocent American civilian in order to "redeem" their manhood. They're not men, they're bugs ... and they need to be squashed.

The retaliation for this vicious act must be firm, it must be swift, and it must have a violent finality. These inhuman Muslims must learn that these actions against Americans will not go unanswered ... and the answer will have a terrible finality.

Posted by Physics Geek at May 12, 2004 03:51 PM StumbleUpon Toolbar Stumble It!

Thank you for posting that.

I can't talk about it, because I'm too busy repressing the urge to kill, right now, but it helps to know that I'm not alone.

Posted by: Harvey at May 13, 2004 12:13 AM

Killing increases evil, on either side.

Indeed, the savage acts of the deaths of Daniel Pearl and now, of Nick Berg, are inexcusable, to say the least. The moral depravity amongst those who committed such acts overwhelms the mind, body and spirit.

Yet catch yourself before fantasizing of returning the favor, either to individuals or to groups. That passion of vengeance is precisely what those animals drew from in doing what they did. Blind rage is just that -- blind -- to a higher moral plane.

Knowing the group psychology of those who carry out such acts, it suffices to say that no amount of killing Middle Easterners or Muslims will quiet them down, let alone make them submit to our will...not anymore than such gruesome beheadings will calm us down and make us see things their way.

The true path to success must start with the suppression of vengeance.


Posted by: Paul Shragan at May 13, 2004 06:12 AM

Get the women and children out and nuck the sick bastards. Im tired of hearing of how they were abused in there own prison. Shit its tuffer walking a tier in an american prison then being made to take some cheesie pictures with a dog collar on. Most people are treated worse for getting a dui in the united states.I dont care what someones beliefs are, for someone to do what they did to nick berg, there evil inhuman pigs. SO I SAY AGAIN DROP SOME LEAFLETS TELLING WOMEN AND CHILDREN OUT. AND MAKE THAT SHITHOLE IRAQ ONE BIG PARKING LOT

Posted by: Chris at May 13, 2004 06:49 AM

The muslim nation is a danger for the whole world. I think a book thats more crazy and stupid as the coran doesnt exist. Take back all amercians and people from the civilized world from irak and drop A-Bombs over every fucking islamic country!

Or would you that in 20 years every second man on the street looks like Osama this pig-fucker!

Allah is a gay !

Posted by: patrick at May 13, 2004 08:11 AM

He was innocent and didn't deserve it.

Neither do the Iraqi people who are treated like second class citizens by their "courageous liberators"

If you want your oil then fair enough, but America needs to understand that the hatred against your country is justifiable to many. Your country plays pupeteer with nations around the globe (mine -the UK- included), it weighs in like a school bully and uses an atrociously biased media and outright lies to attempt to conceal its reasons.

The US has never done any harm to me (except maybe exposing me to a few to many bad movies) but the rhetoric that spews from your country at the minute sounds every bit as bad as that which comes from the Islamic Fundamentalists.

Have any of you listened to G.W.Bush lately? How many of you think he sounds like he has much of an idea whats going on around him? A great deal of the rest of the world sees him and his regime as Christian Fundamentalism; no less misguided than its islamic counterpart (and more openly dimwitted).

I like many used to believe in your country and held it in high regard. I hold out hope that maybe at some point in the future a line can be drawn under all of this and I can start to believe in it again. But first as a country you need to be able to elect leaders that can control their righteous indignation and stop acting like the head of the world. Signing up to the international court system would show intent to play fairly.

Then you might just find that the terror problem becomes easier to deal with and that America is once again held in high esteem internationally.

As for the oil.... I doubt you'll get hold of it by world domination: you may well have to take your place in the line instead of barging through it.

Posted by: StevieG at May 13, 2004 11:12 AM

Evil acts like this remove all abilities for me to be eloquent as well, so don't feel too badly. They didn't even 'slice' his head off, according to Rush's description yesterday (I simply cannot bring myself to watch, particularly after hearing the description) - the spawn of satan SAWED it off. Poor Mr. Berg, and his poor family.

I still say: raze and pave. But now, I think we should set the whole bloody place on fire first and let it burn. If the UN wants to 'help,' toss them in.

Posted by: Miss O'Hara at May 13, 2004 01:49 PM

hey stevieG,

did they blow up your buildings in a primal fury and kill innocent people, destroying lives and families? and what are we supose to do, just sit on our hands and hum the national anthem? forget it happened and be passive, idiotic AMERICANS? or should we still fight a war against murdering theives? they stole a mans life! his dignity and his family lost a son! He was there to rebuild their wasted country. trying to help them in the worse time in their lives and they killed him slowly! cut his head off! they enjoyed his screams and body convulsions. they murdered him and you want us to try and reason with them?
I don't think so! and as a CHRISTIAN AMERICAN, do not try and compare me to the islamic scum that i would rather see wiped from existance. they lost their rights in my opinion. and as for you to hold americans in high esteem once again? I do not need you to hold me in high esteem what so ever! I refuse to "deal with the terrorist problem!" If you think about it, we are trying to! remember that you are not american! your colors might run, but mine do not! I refuse to let some waste of human flesh kill my american family! remember what I said when you think of holding us in high esteem again! I find you amusing in the least and hope you get some clarity in the art of war!!

Posted by: fireofunrest at May 14, 2004 02:24 AM

Nick Berg's father blames his death on the Administration, and has stumped for A.N.S.W.E.R. in the past denouncing the USA for the War in Iraq. His father doesn't respect the enemy. He wants to treat our mortal enemies as though they are misbehaving children. Just give them a time-out and try to be understanding. Nick Berg bought into his father's line of thinking. He went to Iraq to help out, but when the authorities warned him to leave, he didn't. He didn't believe the Arabs were a threat to him. He died because he, too, did not respect the enemy.

There are many in the West who do not view the Arabs as true enemies. This point of view is rooted in racism. Arabs are just simple barbarians, and we "sophisticated" cultures are required to patiently wait until they "grow up" as if they were just being rebellious teenagers.

Well, I, for one, believe the bastards when they say they want my death and the death of my family. I at least recognize Arabs as fully functional moral beings who have the ability to distinguish between right and wrong and can be held accountable for their actions. And in large measure, the actions they, as a culture, have chosen is inhumanity and violence.

It is time to meet violence with ALL OUT TOTAL WAR!!!!! These enemies deserve the respect of true enemies, not the condescention of classifying them as misbehaving children. And as true enemies, they deserve our 100% commitment to their destruction. They have EARNED our scorn, and our hatred. I think it is payday. And they should be paid according to what they have EARNED!!

Posted by: Scott Harris at May 14, 2004 02:52 AM

To StevieG

Thanks, brother.

It is naive people like yourself the terrorists are counting on. In case you haven't noticed, almost entire Europe has already been subjugated to the islamic rule. Your leaders can not say a word without consulting with imams in your islamic communities. Two years ago I saw leaflets calling for intifada in the heart of London. Nobody dared take them down. Do you see the big picture? If not, buy yourself a pair of glasses.

We did not start this war. In fact, during 8 years of Clinton presidency we did nothing to deserve 9/11. Am I wrong? Give me one good reason. If you think it is only America's war, you are tragically mistaken. It is your war too, brother. Remember, the only reason the jets are not crushing into Eiffel Tower, European Parliament or the Big Ben is because the terrorists feel at home in Europe, and one doesn't shit in his home. And look what happened to Spain. Now the pigs are fully aware that they can intimidate any European government into submission by blowing up a few people.

Now, let's be honest. What do you think would happen if (God forbid) the terrorists flew a plane into the Piccadilly Square in the middle of another anti-American rally and killed 3,000 innocent Brits? Would you still feel the way you feel now? Would you swallow all your anger and bitterness, put you tail between your legs and plead with Usama not to do it again? Or, perhaps, turn to the UN to pass another impotent resolution? Would you, really?

I presume, it is extremely en vogue in Europe now to refer to our President as "dimwit" and "moron" just because he is not as refined and diplomatic as Mr. Shiraq, but is he really that stupid or, perhaps, he is simply a man of principles and strong faith who finally saw the gathering storm? And, perhaps, it is not by accident that the majority of Americans still strongly support Mr. Bush regardless of all the bashing... Americans haven't changed, my friend. We are still the same doughboys who pulled Europe's behind out of two devastating wars. And, in spite of all your ingratitude and animosity... we will (most likely) do it again.

Honestly, brother, you should really start your morning with a prayer for Mr. Bush and Mr. Blair for their strong stand against advancing militant Islam. If not for them and people like them, your girlfriend would be wearing a burka, individuals with alternative sexual orientation and sissidents would grace every light pole in London, and you would be picking up your daily Al Akbar instead of Times or Guardian on your way to a clandestine pub where you can watch the banned TV.

Maa's Salam,

Anatol Kardiukov

Posted by: anatol at June 25, 2004 07:48 AM

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